Why Are People Criticizing Paula Patton’s Mother Joyce Vanraden’s Fried Chicken Recipe?

Joyce Vanraden

Paula Patton’s Bio Mother Judith Joyce Vanraden Paula Patton experienced harassment after sharing her mother’s fried chicken recipe on Instagram. This was her response.

Although Paula Patton’s chicken meal has been widely mocked online, the recipe called for fried chicken.

In an Instagram video posted on March 4, the actress demonstrated her mother’s fried chicken recipe while donning an apron. When she disclosed her instructions, however, the audience was incensed and criticised everything from the meal to Paula’s talent.

It turns out that the actress can take the heat and won’t leave the kitchen. Since everyone has a different method of doing things, everything is OK, Paula said on April 5 on Instagram. And while I’ll take advice and experiment with different fried chicken recipes, I’ll always prepare my mother’s chicken the same way.

My day was just wrecked by Paula Patton. pic.twitter.com/TNXvB5VPIj

I Enjoy Drinking Wine (@ zing bae) April 4, 2022

There aren’t many details about Joyce Vanraden to investigate. Paula Patton, on the other hand, was born in Los Angeles, California, to lawyers Charles and Joyce Patton.

Her mother is Caucasian, and her father is African-American. Prior to enrolling at the University of California, Berkeley, she attended Alexander Hamilton High School. After spending her first year there, she transferred to the University of Southern California’s Film School. Shortly after completing her education, she obtained a three-month job producing documentaries for PBS.

Trending On Twitter: Paula Patton Mother’s Fried Chicken Recipe Information

Joyce Vanraden

Paula’s oil seasoning was one of her main faults. One Twitter user commented on a TikTok video with the message “Paula Patton just killed my day.” The TikTok user was taken aback by Paula’s strategy of washing and When the chicken cooked in the fat, she seasoned it.

The user yelled, “In the grease?” You’re seasoning oil, the writer shouts.

On Twitter, several users also voiced their disgust. Paula Patton didn’t properly wash the chicken, season it, season the flour, and season the oil, thus the chicken stayed pink, one individual claimed. I’m contacting 911.

My day was just wrecked by Paula Patton. pic.twitter.com/TNXvB5VPIj

I Enjoy Drinking Wine (@ zing bae) April 4, 2022

Does Paula Patton have a profile on Instagram?

Instagram is where Paula Patton has a profile. Her Twitter account is @paulapattonofficial, just to be clear. She has posted 383 times and presently has over 432 thousand followers.

Patton also utilises Twitter, where she goes by the handle @PaulaPattonXO. She signed up for Twitter in 2011, and she has kept that status ever since. On Twitter, she has 169.2 thousand followers and 993 tweets.


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